Pfizer To Raise Prices After Trump Falsely Claimed Credit For Lowering Them

It’s clear Trump has failed to lower drug prices or stand up to the pharmaceutical industry as he promised.


THEN: Trump falsely claimed credit for Pfizer “lowering” drug prices.

Trump: “Pfizer and Novartis and others cut the price after I called them, and cut it very substantially.”

Trump: “You saw a month ago when the drug companies rose their prices very substantially and I said, ‘Get me the name of the head of Pfizer and Novartis,’ and I made some calls. And they immediately dropped their price.” [Trump Remarks At A Make America Great Again Rally, Macon GA, 11/4/18]

Trump: “I want to thank Pfizer, Novartis, and others. We called them. We said you got to reduce the price of your drugs, and they did. They didn’t do the increase.” [Trump Remarks At A Make America Great Again Rally, Cleveland OH, 11/5/18]


NOW: Pfizer will raise prices on about 10% of its products next year.


Bloomberg: “Pfizer Inc., the U.S.’s biggest drugmaker, will raise prices on about 10 percent of its pharmaceutical products next year after briefly halting such increases at the request of President Donald Trump earlier this year.”