Pfizer To Raise Prices After Trump Falsely Claimed Credit For Lowering Them

Trump has failed to lower drug prices or stand up to the pharmaceutical industry. The latest evidence is that Pfizer now says they plan to continue raising prices next year, after Trump falsely claimed credit for making them lower costs.


THEN: Trump falsely claimed credit for Pfizer “lowering” drug prices.


Bloomberg’s Nielsen: “Trump Said He Got Pfizer to Roll Back Prices. Not Really.”


Axios: “Pfizer is only deferring those price hikes, not canceling them. And it’s taking its products back to what they cost in June — a time when Trump was very much of the belief that the prices were too high.”


NOW: Pfizer says they plan to go back to business as usual with price hikes next year.


Axios: “The Trump administration hailed Pfizer’s move this summer as a ‘major win for American patients.’ But the company’s decision to return to the status quo shows both sides were looking to score political points, and patients won’t see meaningful changes to their drug prices in the near term.”