PHOTOS: DNC Hammers Trump on Abortion Across Florida As Extreme Ban Takes Effect

This week, as Florida’s extreme abortion ban took effect, the DNC is making sure Floridians know exactly who is responsible: Donald Trump. Trump paved the way for every extreme ban throughout the country and won’t stop until abortion is banned nationwide. On Tuesday, the DNC launched a bilingual billboard campaign at high-traffic sites in Gainesville, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. On Wednesday, the day the ban went into effect, the DNC launched a sky banner over Mar-a-Lago that read: “Trump’s Plan: Ban Abortion, Punish Women.” 

See below for photos and creative of the DNC’s visibility efforts in Florida, and click here to see all of the Getty photos:

Plane flying over Mar-a-Lago

From WOFL (Orlando)


Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood, Florida

Billboard locations below: