PHOTOS: DNC Holds “Build Back Better” Stop in Kalamazoo

Throughout August, the Bus Has Traveled Across the Country to Highlight How Democrats are Delivering for Working Families
Today, the Democratic National Committee’s “Build Back Better” bus tour made a stop in Kalamazoo with Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes. During the stop, Chairwoman Barnes, Jennifer Weaver Stroven of Kalamazoo County Talking Teaching, and small business owner Nicole Triplett highlighted how President Biden and Democrats are delivering for the American people with the creation of more than four million jobs, tax cuts for middle-class families, and lower health care costs.

“Right now, Democrats in Michigan and across the country are working to make sure that voters know that the ‘D’ in Democrat stands for ‘deliver’ by highlighting the contrast between the parties on three central areas—all of which are helping Americans, including Michiganders, get back to work and back on their feet after the pandemic,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “The bottom line: While Republicans try to obstruct progress on the issues Michiganders care about, Democrats are fighting for you and for me and for our children.”

“[Biden’s Child Tax Credit] is exceptional. It’s not pennies—this is groceries, this is our car payment, help towards our mortgage. It provides breathing room at a time when we’ve all been holding our breath during so much uncertainty,” said Jennifer Weaver Stroven, Campaign Manager for Kalamazoo County Talking is Teaching. “Experts now estimate that the Child Tax Credit will cut child poverty in half by next year.”

“As a small business owner for over twelve years, I can attest to the American Rescue Plan being critical to the survival for Black-owned businesses like mine, which have historically been disadvantaged,” said Nicole Triplett, a small business owner and winemaker at Twine.

Read more about the tour here.

Please see below for photos from the event: