PHOTOS: DNC Holds “Build Back Better” Stop in Madison with Governor Evers

Throughout August, Bus Has Traveled Across the Country to Highlight How Democrats are Delivering for Working Families

Watch Press Conference Here

Today, the Democratic National Committee’s “Build Back Better” bus tour made a stop in Madison with Governor Tony Evers, DNC Secretary Jason Rae, and Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler. During the stop, the speakers highlighted how President Biden and Democrats are delivering for the American people with the creation of more than four million jobs, tax cuts for middle-class families, and lower health care costs.

“The child tax credit policy is great because it’s all about our kids. There are no wealthy tax cuts or corporate giveaways involved, only tangible economic benefits being received by hardworking families,” said Governor Evers. “I’ve always believed in empowering our families and this plan is helping them get through today while building for tomorrow.”

“Democrats have made health care more affordable for people in Wisconsin and all across the nation. We’ve cut taxes for middle and working class families by expanding the Child Tax Credit. Right here in Wisconsin, we’re projected to help lift nearly 50,000 kids out of poverty,” said Democratic National Committee Secretary Jason Rae. “President Biden and the Democrats in Congress are working  to secure an historic investment in working families and our nation’s infrastructure. All in less than 8 months. That’s what you get when you vote for Democrats. That’s how we build back better.”

“From day one, President Biden has shown us the importance of having a competent leader in the White House—something that was sorely missed over the last four years,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler. “His leadership has put money in pockets and shots in arms, helped millions of Americans get back to work, and has delivered on the priorities that are important to Wisconsinites. In fact, when I talk with Wisconsinites about the difference President Biden has made in their lives over the last few months, one word comes to mind: Relief.”

“[Republicans in Congress] voted against the American people, against American families. Shame on them,” said Tina Hinchley, a dairy farmer and health care advocate. “Meanwhile, President Biden, Governor Evers, and the Democrats are strengthening our American communities. The bottom line: While Republicans try to obstruct progress on issues that Americans care about, Democrats are delivering.”

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You can watch the press conference here, and see below for photos from the event: