Poll: Opposition to Trump Tax Law Is Growing, Even Among Republicans

The Trump tax law gave massive new tax breaks to big corporations and the top 1%. Instead of benefitting their workers, CEOs used their massive tax giveaways to enrich themselves and their wealthy shareholders. Trump and Republicans sold Americans out.  It’s no wonder support for their Trump tax law continues to erode.


Overall support for the Trump tax law has fallen 7 points since April, to only 37 percent.


“Just 37 percent of registered voters said they supported the tax-cut laden law, down from 44 percent in an April poll.”


Support for the Trump tax law among Republicans has dropped 1o points since April.


“Even among Republicans, support for the law dropped to 70 percent, from 80 percent in April. The number who moved into the undecided column jumped to 19 percent from 10 percent.”


A majority of Americans say the Trump tax law has not increased their paychecks, as Trump and Republicans promised.


“Only 25 percent of voters said they had noticed an increase in their paychecks as a result of the law, while 52 percent said they hadn’t.”