Polls: Americans Oppose Trump’s Tax Plan, Don’t Believe His Lies

A majority of Americans oppose Trump’s tax plan:

  • Only 28% of Americans support Trump’s tax plan.
  • 63% of Republicans said deficit reduction should take priority over corporate tax cuts, and 75% said it should take priority over tax cuts for the wealthy.
    • NOTE: Trump’s tax plan would increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion.

Most Americans say Trump’s plan would benefit the wealthy and big corporations:

  • 69% of Americans think Trump’s tax plan would help large corporations.
  • 60% say the Republican tax push would bolster the wealthy.
  • Less than half of Americans believe Trump’s message that plan would help the middle class.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to work in secret on a tax push that is quickly falling into chaos:

Reuters: “The plan is still only a nine-page ‘framework.’ It was drafted in secret by Trump administration and congressional leaders.”

Bloomberg: “Secrecy, Division, Complaints: GOP Tax Rollout Echoes Obamacare Repeal”

Washington Post: “House GOP tax leader threatens to break Trump’s promise not to change 401(k) rules”

New York Times: “But even in this policy refuge, tensions are sure to rise as the details of a formal tax plan spill out.”