POLLS: Americans Trust Biden Over Trump To Keep Them Safe

Trump claims he is the “law and order” president and that America won’t be safe under Vice President Joe Biden, but the American people aren’t buying it.

Trump claims to be the president of “law and order” and falsely attacks Biden for not being able to keep Americans safe.

TRUMP: “I am your president of law and order.”

Trump ad: “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

The American people disagree. They trust Biden over Trump on crime and safety, and think the country would become less safe if Trump wins.

  • ABC News/Washington Post poll: Biden has a nine-point advantage on crime and safety.

  • Yahoo News/YouGov poll: “Despite the president’s insistence on ‘law and order,’ most voters (51 percent) say the country would become less safe if Trump wins in November. Just 39 percent say the same about Biden.”

  • Pew Research poll: “And about as many voters express confidence in Biden (46%) as Trump (43%) to effectively handle law enforcement and criminal justice issues.”

  • Kaiser Family Foundation: “Vice President Biden leads on other issues including maintaining law and order (51% vs. 41%)”