POLLS ON POLLS: Americans Really Want Infrastructure – and To Make Corporations Pay for It

Today is another big day for more confirmation that Americans absolutely love President Biden’s American Jobs Plan, and they support his plan to make large corporations pay for it. 

Good luck to congressional Republicans.

Congressional Republicans are desperate to protect the disastrously low corporate tax rates they gifted corporations in 2017. Unfortunately for them, Americans from both sides of the aisle support raising that rate to help fund President Biden’s infrastructure plan.

Daily Kos: “Majority support raising corp tax rate to help fund Biden infrastructure plan”

Navigator Research: “3 in 4 Americans support raising the corporate tax rate, raising taxes on the wealthy, or both to pay for infrastructure upgrades.”

New York Times: “‘A pretty good majority of people think that corporations and also rich people don’t pay their fair share,’ he said. The polling helps to underscore the emerging political challenge for Republicans, who have roundly praised infrastructure spending in the abstract but opposed the scope of Mr. Biden’s proposal and the tax increases that would fund it.”

Congressional Republicans want you to believe that infrastructure only means roads and bridges – except Americans believe, and support, much more than that.

Navigator Research: “Navigator tested 11 different components of the ‘American Jobs Plan’ and found overwhelming support for every single one. Just a few…

  • Fixing roads & bridges: 88%
  • Preventing lead in drinking water: 83%
  • Future-proofing against pandemics: 81%
  • Modernizing schools: 77%”