Pompeo Stumps for China Hack and Wall Street Exec Dave McCormick

Today, Mike Pompeo is wading into Pennsylvania Republicans’ chaotic Senate primary and holding a rally with Dave McCormick. It’s no surprise Pompeo would stand shoulder to shoulder with a former hedge fund executive who shipped American jobs overseas and spent his career working with Communist China after Pompeo used his position as secretary of state to defend China even as they failed to live up to Donald Trump’s trade deal. 

Mike Pompeo is proudly campaigning for Dave McCormick – a former Wall Street executive who spent his career working with Communist China and selling out American workers.

PennLive: “As CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund, David McCormick wore suits, lived on Connecticut’s ritzy Gold Coast, talked up bipartisanship and described China as America’s most important ‘bilateral relationship.’”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “The New York Times reported late last month that Mr. McCormick’s hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, was closely linked to China, and cited affectionate comments he had made in the past about the country, though some were from when he served as U.S. Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs in George W. Bush’s administration.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: “His work at the company has come under fire because the firm raised more than $1 billion for investments in China last year, when McCormick led it. McCormick has said it was a small fraction of Bridgewater’s holdings, but according to the Wall Street Journal, it made Bridgewater one of the largest foreign managers of private money in China.”

NBC’s Dasha Burns: “When you were at Bridgewater, do you regret some of the business you did in China, was any of that a mistake?”

Dave McCormick: “No, listen, I have had- I’ve been blessed.”

As Trump’s secretary of state, Pompeo carried water for Chinese officials and defended China even as they failed to live up to their trade deal commitments. 

Pompeo in June 2020: “During my meeting with CCP Politburo Member Yang Jiechi, he recommitted to completing and honoring all of the obligations of Phase 1 of the trade deal between our two countries.”

Peterson Institute for International Economics: “Trump’s deal was agreed on December 13, 2019 and signed on January 15, 2020. By the end of June 2020, China’s purchases were at only 54 percent of the pro-rated target; they reached 59 percent of the year-end commitment for 2020.”