*Poof* Go Republican Talking Points on Inflation

In another blow to Republican talking points, new data shows inflation slowed more than expected this month, further indicating the economy is recovering and inflation remains transitory. Republicans continue to flounder for a message as President Biden and Democrats continue to lead an economic recovery after Trump disastrously mismanaged the pandemic and as Republicans continue to try to stand in the way.

  • CNN: “Inflation took a breather in August, coming down from a 13-year high.”
  • Yahoo Finance: “Stocks rise after inflation data comes in lower than expected”
  • Bloomberg: “U.S. Consumer Price Growth Cools, Smallest Gain in Seven Months”
  • JP Morgan: “.. the August report also supports our view that that the rapid run of sequential month-on-month inflation from earlier this year remains behind us..”
  • Carl Quintanilla, CNBC: “‘Inflation expected to fall for the first time since May’20..’ — B of A Fund Mgr Survey”