*Poof* Goes Another Republican Talking Point: Christmas Gifts Arrive On Time

Republicans spent the majority of the fall claiming Americans wouldn’t get their Christmas presents on time, attacking the Biden administration, and refusing to lift a finger to address supply chain issues. Thankfully, President Biden and Democrats worked tirelessly to bring the public and private sector together to ease pressure on the supply chain. Now, Christmas gifts are arriving on time.

While Republicans refuse to do anything to address top issues, President Biden and Democrats are delivering (get it) for the American people.

  • New York Times: “Despite early fears, however, holiday shoppers have received their gifts mostly on time. Many consumers helped themselves by shopping early and in person. Retailers ordered merchandise ahead of time and acted to head off other bottlenecks. And delivery companies planned well, hired enough people and built enough warehouses to avoid being crushed by a deluge of packages at the last minute, as the Postal Service was last year.”
  • New York Times: “The achievement is all the more notable given that Americans are on track to spend more this holiday season than the one before — up to 11.5 percent over 2020, according to the National Retail Federation, a trade group.”
  • Fox Business: “USPS does not expect any delays as shipping deadline approaches”

This did not happen by accident: while Republicans brayed and played politics, President Biden rolled up his sleeves and got right to work to ease supply chain bottlenecks.

  • Politico: “An effort to clear away shipping containers that have clogged the ports has had more success. In late October, the administration urged port authorities to threaten fees on companies with idle cargo; the amount of so-called ‘aging cargo’ at the California ports has since declined 46 percent.”
  • CNBC: “Biden rolls out multibillion-dollar plan to upgrade aging U.S. ports after passage of infrastructure bill”
  • NPR: “Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles has agreed to essentially double its hours and go to 24/7 operations. In doing so, it’s joining the Port of Long Beach, which launched similar nighttime and weekend shifts a few weeks ago.”

And as a reminder, Christmas this year is a significant improvement over last year under Republican leadership when deliveries were backed up.

  • CNN: “’Perfect storm’ of high package volume, employees out with COVID slowing USPS deliveries before Christmas”
  • New York Post: “Millions of Christmas deliveries backed up amid record-breaking orders”