Pre-existing Condition Protections Are The Top Health Issue For Voters

Voters say protections for people with pre-existing conditions, which the Trump administration is trying to eliminate, are the top health issue for them. Experts are speaking out and voters plan to hold Trump and Republicans accountable.


Pre-existing condition protections is a top health issue for voters:


  • 66 percent of voters say a candidate’s support for pre-existing condition protections is either the “single most important factor” or “very important.”


  • Support for pre-existing condition protections is the top health care issue among Democratic and independent voters, and the second-highest issue among Republicans.


Here’s what voters and experts across the country are saying:


“Without the insurance that I have I would not be able to afford my insulin, I would not be able to afford the shot that I get every three weeks, it would be, literally, it would be a choice between eating and a roof over my head.” – Alaska resident



Millions of people would be at risk for either having coverage denied, being charged a lot more money for their insurance, or having certain conditions excluded from coverage.” – Katie Martin, former HHS Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation



It only serves to really destabilize the entire market.” – Dr. Douglas Wood, President-elect of the Minnesota Medical Association