President Biden Delivers Message Of Compassion And Unity As GOP Divide Deepens

At his town hall last night, President Biden offered a message of compassion and unity to the American people. While President Biden is fighting for the American people and delivering on his promises, the Republican Party divide continues to deepen.

President Biden got everything he wanted out of his first town hall as he presented compassion, unity and reassurance to the nation.

New York Times’s Annie Karni: “Biden seemed to get everything he wanted out of his first presidential town hall.”

CNN: “In these two answers, the President took care of the politics of his prime time appearance in which he needed to show compassion for a country demoralized by a year-long battle against the virus and to lead it out of Trump’s dark shadow.”

New York Times: “In his first official trip away from Washington since taking office, President Biden on Tuesday offered reassurance to Americans about the availability of the coronavirus vaccines and optimism that his $1.9 trillion relief bill was the kind of ambitious plan that could restore the American economy.”

Participants at the town hall, including Trump voters, said President Biden answered their questions and left them with meaningful moments.

Dannie Evans, who supported Trump: “He answered my question. He was firm when he said don’t defund the police. And that’s what I really was hoping that he would say.”

Jessica Salas: “Salas told CNN after the town hall that Biden addressing her daughter like that was a ‘totally unexpected’ moment. ‘And that was really, really awesome. Afterwards she was like, ‘Mommy, he told us everything’s gonna be OK.’ Which, obviously wasn’t his exact words, but the fact that she felt his sentiment meant a lot.’ Salas said.”

Kevin Michel, who is an independent: “Mitchel told CNN he was happy to hear that Biden was ‘a big proponent’ of getting kids back in schools and that while the President had spent some time on ‘arbitrary’ numbers in his answer, the response was ‘what I was looking for.’”

The Biden administration continues to follow through on its coronavirus promises and deliver for the American people.

The Wall Street Journal: “Biden Administration Extends Covid-19 Mortgage Relief”

USA Today: “Exclusive: States to receive biggest boost yet in vaccine doses, White House tells governors”

Meanwhile, the divide in the Republican Party continues to deepen as two of its top leaders are at war with each other.

Politico: “Trump attacks McConnell in fiery statement”

Associated Press: “Trump rips McConnell as GOP divide deepens post-Capitol riot”