President Biden Is Restoring America’s Global Standing After It Plummeted On Trump’s Watch

President Biden is delivering on his promise to restore America’s standing on the world stage after our global reputation plummeted on Trump’s watch. President Biden has already received praise from world leaders and today he will announce significant steps to fight the pandemic and reverse Trump’s policies that made the U.S. less safe.

Today, President Biden will attend the G7, where he will work to restore America’s place on the global stage after its absence under Trump.

ABC News: “President Joe Biden will ‘take a virtual trip to Europe’ with a pair of high-profile engagements aimed at restoring the United States’ place on the global stage, after what he views as its absence during President Donald Trump’s years in office, according to a senior Biden administration official.”

President Biden is stepping up to fight the pandemic globally — which will help control the spread back home — after Trump refused to do so.

Washington Post: “White House announces $4 billion in funding for Covax, the global vaccine effort that Trump spurned”

Reuters: “Biden’s action is a sharp departure from his predecessor Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw from the WHO, which he accused of being too close to China, where the novel coronavirus emerged in late 2019.”

President Biden plans to reorient the U.S. away from Trump’s dangerous foreign policy, including seeking to rejoin talks to reenter the Iran Deal.

Associated Press: “In advance of Biden’s virtual appearances at a G-7 meeting and the Munich Security Conference, the White House sought to underscore that the new administration will move quickly to reorient the U.S. away from Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ mantra by announcing major reversals of Trump administration policies. Biden was expected to use his address to the Munich conference to stress that the U.S. stands ready to rejoin talks about reentering the 2015 multilateral Iran nuclear deal abandoned by the Trump administration.”

World leaders applauded President Biden’s decision to take on climate change and rejoin the Paris climate accord after Trump withdrew from it.

Associated Press: “World leaders applaud US formal return to Paris climate pact”

Associated Press: “The United States is back in the Paris climate accord, just 107 days after it left. While Friday’s return is heavily symbolic, world leaders say they expect America to prove its seriousness after four years of being pretty much absent.”