President Biden Is Tackling The Supply Chain Head On

Last week, President Biden delivered his Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which contains historic funding to upgrade our nation’s ports, strengthen our supply chains, and prevent disruptions that have caused inflation. Time and time again, President Biden has proven he’s a leader who can meet the challenge of the moment, and now, he’s taking swift action to accelerate investments and ensure our supply chains remain resilient for years to come. 

Today, President Biden announced concrete steps to accelerate investment in our ports and waterways, and shore up critical supply chains.

CNBC: “Biden rolls out multibillion-dollar plan to upgrade aging U.S. ports after passage of infrastructure bill”

CNN: “The Biden administration announced a new set of immediate and short-term actions Tuesday aimed at alleviating supply chain issues at the nation’s ports, waterways and freight networks as the administration takes steps to implement the newly passed, but not yet signed, bipartisan infrastructure bill.”

Associated Press: “Senior administration officials said Tuesday that the Transportation Department would allow port authorities to redirect any leftover money from grant projects to address the supply chain issues. For example, the Georgia Port Authority will use $8 million to convert its inland facilities into container yards, freeing up dock space and speeding the flow of goods to their final destinations.”

President Biden has consistently stepped up to address supply chain issues and ease bottlenecks, including working with ports and private companies to speed the passage of goods from ship to shelf.

CNBC: “White House plan aims to help key West Coast ports stay open 24/7 to ease supply chain bottlenecks”

NPR: “Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles has agreed to essentially double its hours and go to 24/7 operations. In doing so, it’s joining the Port of Long Beach, which launched similar nighttime and weekend shifts a few weeks ago.”

Washington Post: “Speaking at the White House, Biden also hailed commitments from top importers such as Walmart, FedEx and UPS to use the extended hours at the Port of Los Angeles to remove shipping containers that have slowed freight operations.”