President Biden is the Jobs President

The U.S. economy is strong thanks to President Biden’s leadership. Democrats have stayed laser-focused on creating jobs, lowering costs and building an economy that works for everyone.

Democrats continue to deliver real results: Americans are back to work and unemployment has hit near-historic lows.

CNBC: “U.S. payrolls surged by 261,000 in October, better than expected as hiring remains strong”

In fact, more than 10 million new jobs have been created since President Biden took office — more than under any other president in American history at this point in their term.

The New Yorker: “Biden Heads for the Midterms with Ten Million New Jobs”

This includes 700,000 manufacturing jobs. Under President Biden, “Made in America” isn’t just a slogan — it’s a reality.

President Biden: “We’ve created 10 million jobs, including almost 700,000 manufacturing jobs. On my watch, ‘Made in America’ isn’t just a slogan, it’s a reality.”

And House GOP Leader McCarthy threatened to put the financial stability of the economy at risk to push spending cuts if Republicans take the majority.

Kevin McCarthy: “You can’t just continue down the path to keep spending and adding to the debt. And if people want to make a debt ceiling [for a longer period of time], just like anything else, there comes a point in time where, okay, we’ll provide you more money, but you got to change your current behavior. We’re not just going to keep lifting your credit card limit, right? And we should seriously sit together and [figure out] where can we eliminate some waste? Where can we make the economy grow stronger?”