President Biden Makes America a Leader in the Fight Against the Climate Crisis

Today, President Biden brings together world leaders to tackle the global climate crisis and demonstrate the United States’ commitment to reducing emissions. President Biden has already taken significant steps to tackle climate change, and his American Jobs Plan would invest in clean energy. Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, America is once again in the climate fight and respected on the world stage.

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan would tackle climate change and invest in clean energy, putting America on a path to a more sustainable future.

Popular Science: “In an ambitious new jobs plan announced last week, President Joe Biden marked a goal of achieving 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035, among other changes that would lead the country to a more sustainable future. Biden’s $2 trillion proposal, dubbed the American Jobs Plans, suggests a massive expansion of the clean energy sector through policies like extended tax credits, block grants, and expanding government purchasing power to spur the clean energy market.”

In less than 100 days, President Biden has already taken significant steps to tackle the climate crisis and make America a leader in this fight, once again.

NPR: “Rejoining the Paris Agreement was one of President Biden’s top priorities. Only hours after taking the oath of office, he signed an executive order initiating a 30-day process to reenter the pact. The Biden administration will make climate change a key component of its foreign policy, weaving it into its most important bilateral and multilateral conversations, Blinken said.”

CBS News: “President Biden pledged that the U.S. will cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least half from 2005 levels by 2030, making the announcement Thursday at the virtual Leaders Climate Summit, a two-day global meeting of more than 40 world leaders hosted by the White House.  In his opening remarks, Mr. Biden said the U.S. can reach the emissions target through his jobs plan — a $3 trillion infrastructure package meant to revitalize the nation’s energy grid and create a net-zero economy.  ‘The signs are unmistakable, the science undeniable,’ he said. ‘Cost of inaction keeps mounting.’”

President Biden’s leadership in the fight against the climate crisis is already restoring American credibility on the world stage.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “I’m delighted to see that the United States is back, is back to work together with us in climate politics.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: “It is so good to have the US back on our side in the fight against climate change.”