President Biden Takes Action to Combat Putin’s Price Hike and Lower Prices at the Pump

As he visits Iowa today, President Biden is, once again, taking action to lower costs for hardworking families affected by Putin’s price hike.

This afternoon, President Biden will announce his administration is expanding access to higher ethanol blend gasoline to lower prices at gas stations across the country. 

Associated Press: “Biden waiving ethanol rule in bid to lower gasoline prices”

USA Today: “Biden wants to expand use of ethanol gas blend into summer to ease pump prices”

CNBC: “President Joe Biden is visiting corn-rich Iowa on Tuesday to announce he’ll suspend a federal rule preventing the sale of higher ethanol blend gasoline this summer as his administration tries to tamp down prices at the pump that have spiked during Russia’s war with Ukraine.”

This is the latest in a series of actions President Biden has taken to combat Putin’s price hike and provide relief at the pump for American families. 

Bloomberg: “Biden Is Taking All Possible Steps to Curb Soaring Energy Prices, Aide Says”

CNBC: “Oil prices slide as Biden announces largest-ever Strategic Petroleum Reserve release”

Washington Post: “Biden announces huge strategic oil reserve release to curb gas prices”

CNN: “Biden demands faster drop in gas prices as oil tumbles”

MarketWatch: “Oil futures suffered a third straight loss on Thursday, with global Brent crude prices briefly dipping under $100 a barrel for the first time in three weeks, a day after the announcement of a coordinated release of crude from strategic reserves by member countries of the International Energy Agency.”