President Biden’s Agenda Giving Rural America a Boost

President Biden knows a strong middle class is the backbone of America and that rural communities are essential to the economic growth of our country. With the American Rescue Plan, President Biden and Democrats delivered a bold and historic legislative package that has provided much-needed relief to millions of people across the country. Working families received up to $1,400 direct checks, thousands more in individual benefits, access to more affordable health care, and the resources to get our kids and teachers safely back to school, no thanks to a single Republican in Congress.

While Republicans continue to fight against help for the middle class, including millions living in rural communities, President Biden and Democrats are working to pass the American Families Plan and the American Jobs Plan, which would deliver a generation-defining investment in rural America, and a commitment to grow the middle class and expand the benefits of economic growth to all Americans.

Because of the American Rescue Plan, which passed no thanks to a single Republican in Congress, rural America is getting the aid they need to rebuild their economies.

In Massachusetts: Daily Hampshire Gazette: Guest columnist Matt Hildreth: How the American Rescue Plan can help small towns

“While much has been reported about the American Rescue Plan providing needed relief to pandemic-battered cities, less has been written about the potential historic economic boost this policy could have on small towns and rural communities.

“Not only does the legislation distribute $4 billion to support the food supply chain, $3 billion to support economic development initiatives and $9 billion to assist rural health care providers, it also provides $140 million to support households residing in United States Department of Agriculture-subsidized rural properties or who participate in USDA direct mortgage programs.

“On top of that, the American Rescue Plan assigns $5 billion to farmers of color — who have lost 90% of their land over the past century because of systemic discrimination — and allocates $750 million to support the Indian Housing and Indian Community Development block grant programs.”

In West Virginia: Times West Virginian: American Rescue Plan offers hope for rural health care

“Thankfully, the American Rescue Plan included not only $1,400 checks for most West Virginians, but millions in relief for battered rural health providers. In April, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin announced over $82 million in funding for our Community Health Centers, which provides opportunities in underserved areas.

“Many of those funds are designated specifically to rural providers, such as those serving the majority of West Virginians. The American Rescue Plan makes available many other opportunities for rural America regarding health care, including $8.5 billion in provider relief, a $9.09 billion investment in the public health workforce and $4 billion in substance abuse prevention and behavioral health.”

President Biden knows we must build upon the provisions of the American Rescue Plan by passing the American Families Plan and the American Jobs Plan—bold plans that would invest in rural America, grow the middle class, and expand the benefits of economic growth to all Americans.

In Montana: KTVQ: Montana Ag Network: “A generation-defining investment in rural America” 

“During an exclusive MTN interview with the Montana Ag Networks Lane Nordlund, Sec. Vilsack called the proposal, ‘a generation-defining investment in rural America.’

“‘Even before the pandemic, a lot of families, middle-class families, working families were having a very difficult time making ends meet,’ said Vilsack. ‘The American Families Plan is designed to do two very important things. First, to provide help and assistance to families so they can, in fact, make it. Secondly, creating the opportunity for us to have an economy that is competitive and able to meet the challenges of the future.’”