Presumptive 2020 Nominee Mike Pence

Following the ongoing scandals, repeated failures and constant chaos that surrounds President Trump and his administration, Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly gearing up for a potential presidential run in 2020. Unfortunately for Pence, he has been complicit in and shares responsibility for President Trump’s actions and policies. Pence is Trump with more hair and fewer Twitter followers. Should he choose to run, we say good luck.

Mike Pence has spread propaganda about Trump’s “leadership.”

Washington Post: “Pressed on the chaos that has roiled the Trump White House — and asked whether he truly believes it is the chaos-free and ‘finely-tuned machine’ the president has claimed — Pence said the recent churn is simply a sign of Trump’s ‘energy’ and ‘commitment to the agenda that we would like to advance.’ ‘I think it is a finely tuned machine,’ Pence said, ‘but it’s led by a president with very high expectations, and like any good leader, he has the ability to take action and to make change when he determines it to be necessary.’ The president, he concluded, ‘has my full support.’”

PENCE: “President Trump’s accomplishments are nothing short of historic. But as the President likes to say, at this White House that's just what we call a good start.”

Mike Pence is in charge of Donald Trump’s sham voter fraud commission.

CBS News: “President Trump has chosen Vice President Mike Pence to head up a commission investigating unsubstantiated claims of mass voter fraud in the 2016 election.”

Mike Pence played a key role in Trump and Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.

New York Times: “That has left Mr. Pence to carry out many of the functions that the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, would normally fulfill if he possessed more policy experience and legislative connections: sounding out lawmakers for inside information, providing the president with tactical counsel, quietly offering policy tweaks during negotiations.”

PENCE: “Today, thanks to the perseverance, the determination, and the leadership of President Donald Trump and all the support of those gathered here, we've taken a historic first step to repeal and replace Obamacare, and finally give the American people the kind of health care they deserve. (APPLAUSE) So today, with heartfelt gratitude for all he has done to keep his word to the American people, and for all he will do to continue to make America great again, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.” [Speech on House vote on AHCA, 5/4/17]

New York Times: “The Senate voted on Tuesday to begin debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Republican leaders have not yet said which version of their legislation they will be debating… All 48 Democrats were expected to vote no, so at least 50 Republicans were needed for the vote to pass. Vice President Mike Pence voted to break the tie.”

Mike Pence said Donald Trump showed “strong and decisive leadership” by firing FBI Director James Comey.

Politico: “’The president took strong and decisive leadership here to put the safety and the security of the American people first by accepting the recommendation of the deputy attorney general to remove Director Comey as the head of the FBI,’ Pence said. ‘The American people have to have confidence in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. ‘The president made the right decision at the right time,’ he added.”

The Hill: “Vice President Pence on Wednesday rejected claims from Democrats that FBI Director James Comey was fired to stop the bureau's investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. ‘That's not what this was about,’ Pence told reporters at the Capitol. ‘The president's decision to accept the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general to remove Director Comey as the head of the FBI was based solely and exclusively on his commitment to the best interest of the American people,’ he said, responding to a question from NBC's Kristen Welker.”

Mike Pence defended Trump’s attacks on a federal judge and his attorney general.

Politico: “Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday that Seattle judge James Robart's ruling to halt President Donald Trump's immigration order is ‘frustrating to all of us.’ During an interview with ABC's ‘This Week,’ Pence was asked by host George Stephanopoulos whether it was appropriate for Trump to question the legitimacy of a federal judge, after he tweeted Saturday morning about the ‘so-called’ judge. ‘I think the American people are very accustomed to this president speaking his mind and speaking very straight with them,’ Pence said in an excerpt released Saturday. ‘But to see a judge actually suspend that order across the country, George, is frustrating to all of us.’”

CARLSON: “Given that they're so much else going on, why would the President tweet again this morning and attack on his Attorney General? Why not call Attorney General Sessions on the phone or bring them into the office and express those, why do in public?” PENCE: “Well, look, I think the President has been very candid. That he was disappointed –“ CARLSON: “Right.”  PENCE: “– with the Attorney General's decision to recuse himself and to not know about his intention to do so before he was confirmed as the Attorney General of the United States. I have to tell you, Tucker, you've been around Washington for a long time. I know the Washington way is to talk behind people's backs. But that's not President Donald Trump's approach. One of the great things about this president is you always know where you stand.” [Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, 7/26/17]

Mike Pence bragged about the Trump administration’s actions to restrict women’s rights.

PENCE: “And working with all these great Iowa leaders, President Trump has stood, I can say, without apology for the sanctity of human life. This administration has worked to prevent funding of abortion at home and abroad, and we’ll continue to stand for the unborn.” [Remarks at Sen Joni Ernst Roast and Ride, 6/5/17]

Mike Pence touted Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.

Huffington Post:  “Vice President Mike Pence appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ Friday to tout President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement combatting climate change, and painted the issue as one of partisan politics. ‘For some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world,’ Pence said. ‘It’s long been a goal of the liberal left in this country to advance a climate change agenda.’ Pence’s remarks entirely ignore the consensus among climate scientists that humans have significantly contributed to global warming.”