For a party that claims they support hard working Americans, GOP leader Mitch McConnell and congressional Republicans seem hellbent on protecting corporations and their interests instead of investing in American families.

“Nothing screams ‘I’m in the pocket of big corporations’ quite like Mitch McConnell protecting their incredibly low tax rates. Instead of holding billion-dollar corporations who pay zero dollars in federal income taxes accountable, McConnell wants to raise taxes on middle- and low-income families just for driving their cars. Every congressional Republican must answer why they think it is okay to raise taxes on working families, while the wealthiest in our country are allowed to continue to skate by.” – DNC Spokesperson Adonna Biel

Poll after poll shows that voters across the country think corporations should pay their fair share of taxes to fund key Biden administration proposals. 

  • Morning Consult: “More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan”
  • Newsweek: “80% of Americans Bothered Corporations, Wealthy Don’t Pay ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes: Poll”
  • CBS News: “President Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan finds majority support among the U.S. public, with several specific areas of investment viewed as worthwhile across party lines. Americans are also largely on board with increasing taxes on corporations and getting the wealthy to pay for it. Nationwide, 58% approve of the administration’s infrastructure proposal.”
  • Monmouth: “Biden is also set to unveil a large spending plan to expand access to healthcare and childcare as well as provide paid leave and college tuition support. Nearly 2 in 3 Americans (64%) support this idea while 34% are opposed. The poll also finds nearly 2 in 3 Americans support raising taxes on corporations (64%) and individuals earning more than $400,000 (65%) to pay for these plans.”
  • Washington Post: “Biden has proposed paying for the infrastructure plan by raising the corporate tax rate, which once stood at 35 percent but was lowered to 21 percent during Trump’s presidency. Biden has recommended that it be raised to 28 percent, and the new poll shows that 58 percent of Americans say they support the increase.”