Questions for Congressional Republicans Back In Session

Congress is back in session after a recess where Republicans spent their time trying to take credit for legislation they voted against while they floundered without a vision for the future. Now that they’re back, we, once again, have some questions for them as they continue to stall progress and refuse to hold members of their party accountable for extremist values.

Every Republican in Congress owes their constituents some answers:

  • Donald Trump said on Saturday that if in power, he would consider pardoning January 6 rioters. Would you support pardons of the people who stormed the Capitol, attacked police officers, and threatened your life?
  • How do you explain to voters that the majority of your party – or even yourself – voted against historic investments in your district’s infrastructure?
  • We’re less than a year away from the midterm elections. Why won’t Republicans say what they’re running on in 2022?