Questions for Senate Republicans Ahead of Their Press Conference

If there’s one thing we can guarantee ahead of today’s Senate Republican press conference, it’s that they will do everything they can to gaslight America about their own toxic records on voting rights while playing word gymnastics to defend their shameful actions.

As they continue to ignore attacks on voting rights led by Republican legislators across the nation, here are some key questions we’ve yet to hear answers from some of these Republicans:

  • Do you support restoring the Voting Rights Act? If it was on the floor today, would you vote for it? For the 16 Republican senators who voted to reauthorize it in 2006, why the change of heart now?
  • In 2004 Senator Mitch McConnell said: “I cannot think of any reason why anyone on either side of the aisle would oppose the protection of the franchise of all Americans. If so, we potentially jeopardize the fundamental tenet of our representative democracy.” Why have Senate Republicans flip-flopped and now oppose these key tenets of the Voting Rights Act, despite having previously supported them? 
  • What is your response to Republican state legislatures across the country making it harder to vote? Why do you think it is ok for them to pass anti-voter legislation with a simple majority vote but not for the Senate to pass legislation to protect the right to vote?
  • Do you not believe limiting voting drop box hours, shortening voting windows, and cutting polling locations makes it harder for people to vote? How do you explain the fact that these changes would lead to fewer people voting?