QUICK CLIP: Chair Perez Says “Democrats Have The Wind At Our Back” Following 2019 Victories

Perez: “Once again, health care was on the ballot.” 

DNC Chair Tom Perez joined MSNBC with Reverend Al Sharpton Sunday night following historic Democratic victories in Louisiana, Kentucky and across the country  — highlighting how voters are rejecting Trump’s agenda of broken promises on critical issues like health care and Democrats’ momentum one year out from the election.


PEREZ: “I think Democrats have a real wind at our back. There’s been three Novembers since this president took office. In every November election, Democrats have scored decisive victories. In November of 2017, the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia went Democratic. A month later, Doug Jones won the Senate seat thanks to African American voters. 2018 was about scale, we took the House. We took seven more governorships where we flipped them from red to blue. Roughly four hundred state house seats. The majority of Democrat — of attorneys general at the state level are now Democrats. In 2017 there were 15 Democratic governors, now there are 24. You saw it in Louisiana, you saw it in Kentucky a couple weeks ago. Once again, health care was on the ballot. And when health care is on the ballot, Democrats win. Because we’re fighting to expand Medicaid, to make sure you can keep your coverage if you have a preexisting condition. And the Republicans are doing just the opposite. And as you know Rev. Sharpton, Donald Trump went not only to Louisiana, but he went to Kentucky and he said you’ve got to do this for me. Well Mr. President, elections aren’t about doing something for you, they’re about how we help people and that’s exactly what we’re doing. So we head into this 2020 cycle with a wind at our back. We’ve become a 50-state party. We’re competing everywhere. We’re competing up and down the ballot. Our partners like the Democratic Governors Association, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, they’re all firing on all cylinders. We’re working better than ever before. And we’re organizing everywhere. And our candidates, Rev. Sharpton, are really remarkable. Whether it was Andy Beshear in Kentucky, John Bel Edwards, other candidates in Virginia who helped us flip the House and the Senate. Democrats are back and we’re organizing everywhere. Trump wasn’t on the ballot in those three years, but Trump is and was, and people are categorically rejecting it.”