QUICK CLIPS: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Hits Local TV Around State of the Union

As President Biden gave his first State of the Union address this week, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison kicked off a virtual press tour to speak directly to Americans in local media markets across the country.

From Arizona to Wisconsin, Chair Harrison laid out how President Biden and Democrats’ are investing in strengthening America’s economy while Republicans have no plan to fight inflation and lower costs. 

See the coverage for yourself:

In Arizona:

News 4 Tucson: DNC Chair Says Arizonans Will Benefit from President Biden’s Economic Plan

ANCHOR: Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison says Arizonans will benefit from the Biden administration’s economic plan, touting the passing of the infrastructure bill.

CHAIR HARRISON: All of the things he’s been able to do, particularly for the great state of Arizona, when you think about the infrastructure plan and the investments that will have – more than $600 billion for roads and bridges, $85 billion for public transit. 

In Wisconsin:

ABC 27 Madison: DNC Chair Touts President Biden’s Infrastructure Law

PRESIDENT BIDEN: When I signed that infrastructure law 100 days ago…

ANCHOR: One day after delivering his first State of the Union address, President Joe Biden touts the infrastructure bill he signed last fall. Jaime Harrison, chair of the Democratic National Committee, says $5 billion more dollars for Wisconsin roads will boost the economy in multiple ways.

CHAIR HARRISON: When you have improved infrastructure, you can also bring more businesses into areas. More businesses into your areas, for small businesses, if you’re a restaurant owner and you’re able to attract more folks, then there are more people who are gonna move into those areas.

In North Carolina:

Spectrum News: DNC Chair Ahead of SOTU

CHAIR HARRISON: This is a contrast. You got one party that wants to talk about inflation but doesn’t want to do anything about it, doesn’t have a plan to address any of the inflationary issues. Joe Biden and Democrats in the House and the Senate have a plan. When you look at the Republicans just recently, I think one of your senators – Tillis – didn’t even show up for the banking committee hearing where they were going to approve new members of the Federal Reserve, folks who would have the ability to impact our inflation and bring down costs, but Joe Biden is focused like a laser on doing just that.