Rand Paul Latest Republican To Undermine Efforts To Help Ukraine 

As innocent Ukrainians fear for their lives at the hands of Russian aggression, Rand Paul is, once again, playing political games that could prop up Russia’s economy instead of holding Putin accountable for his horrific attacks on our allies. After the majority of Senate Republicans voted against military aid for Ukraine, Senate Republicans continue to find ways to undermine our assistance for Ukraine as they fight against Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war.

Mitch McConnell’s caucus keeps standing in the way of assisting Ukraine. Rand Paul is the latest, by delaying the revocation of normal trade relations with Russia.

Politico: “The idiosyncratic GOP senator is undermining his own party’s message by single-handedly delaying a revocation of normal trade relations with Russia, thereby slowing efforts to further incapacitate Russia’s economy.” 

Politico: “But his latest rebellion comes at a perilous time, both for the world and for Republican messaging efforts. The GOP drumbeat of criticism casting Biden as slow and ineffective raged for weeks, and now a member of their own party is getting in the way of one of the few meaningful actions Congress can take in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

This comes after Senate Republicans blocked the confirmation of President Biden’s nominees for key posts at the State Department and USAID, undermining the U.S.’s broader effort to help Ukraine. 

Foreign Policy: “Republican Senators Block Confirmation of Key Biden Officials, Stymying Ukraine Response”

Foreign Policy: “Republican lawmakers, including Sens. Rick Scott of Florida and Roger Marshall of Kansas, have placed holds on the confirmation of several key Biden administration appointees with critical roles in addressing Ukraine’s crisis, including top officials destined for the U.S. State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development as well as who are responsible for managing U.S. policy on sanctions, humanitarian relief, refugees, and nuclear and chemical security.”

And let’s not forget that 31 Republican senators voted against military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Washington Post: “More than two dozen Senate Republicans demand Biden do more for Ukraine after voting against $13.6 billion for Ukraine”