REAL STORIES: Americans Hurt By Drug Prices That Keep Going Up Despite Trump’s Promises

Trump vowed to lower prescription drug prices and has falsely tried to claim costs are going down. The reality is that prescription drug prices continue to skyrocket and Americans are suffering as a result.


Despite Trump’s promise to lower prescription drug prices, costs keep going up.

Associated Press: “In June and July, right after Trump’s price cut prediction, there were 395 price increases and 24 decreases. The two dozen cuts were up from the 15 decreases in those same two months last year, but increases still outpaced decreases by a ratio of 16.5-to-1.”


Americans continue to struggle to afford the life-saving drugs they need:


“Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. The days I don’t, those are the days I need more food in my house or more gas in my car.” – Maryland resident



“Sometimes I’ll get a phone call from somebody that says, ‘This month my heating bill was extra high, can I delay my payment on you for my medication?’” – Indiana pharmacist


“It’s scary. They have to make a choice: do you not pay a bill and pay for insulin so your child is healthy? It’s scary and discouraging.” – Illinois nurse and mother of a son with diabetes

“If I didn’t have my insurance, it would take my entire paycheck just to buy one vial of insulin.” – Illinois resident with diabetes

“I want them to realize that if I don’t have access to my insulin, I will die. There’s no ‘well sometimes you have to go without.’ Nope. I die. The end.” – Illinois resident with diabetes


“She needs insulin to live. The materials that keep her alive, the technology and such, are extraordinarily expensive.” – Oregon mother of a daughter with diabetes