REAL STORIES: Drug Costs Continue To Skyrocket. Where Is Trump?

Trump promised to lower prescription drug costs — and continues to claim he’s succeeded — but the truth is that hasn’t happened. Instead, prescription drug prices continue to skyrocket and Americans across the country are struggling to get by.

4.5% INCREASE IN PHARMACEUTICAL PURCHASES IN 2020: Despite Trump’s promises, pharmaceutical  costs are expected to continue to rise ahead of inflation and wage growth in 2020.

Healthcare Finance: “Health systems, including inpatient and non-acute environments, can expect a 4.57% increase in pharmaceutical spend for 2020. Vizient, which revealed that finding in its recent 2019 Drug Price Forecast, predicts a continued growth of pharmaceutical costs that far exceeds both inflation and wage growth.”

Pharmacy Times: “The key prediction is that pharmaceutical costs will continue to far exceed inflation and wage growth, continuing to make health care less affordable, according to the forecast. The cost of pharmaceuticals also will continue to be a large share of health care organizations’ budgets.”

Americans across the country continue to suffer from Trump’s failure to tackle skyrocketing prescription drug costs.

“We lost another Type 1 diabetic due to insulin rationing. This is something you know we hoped would never happen again.” – Minneapolis resident

“The prices need to go down… It’s like either get your medicine or eat. Get your medicine or have somewhere to stay. That’s kind of hard.” – Virginia diabetic

“I sacrifice for the boys needs, I don’t want to take from them. It’s hard as a mom to be a financial medical burden on your kids…Even working with a full-time job, that is a huge expense. Some days I wouldn’t take (the medicine) because I couldn’t afford to renew my prescription.” – Kentucky diabetic

Even Trump’s own supporters question what he has done to help lower prescription drug costs.

“I’m not sure what he’s done, to be honest with you.” – New Hampshire Trump supporter

“I’ve had some people say I’m getting antibiotics cheaper for my cat or dog but I can’t afford my own drugs, because they’re too expensive.” – New Hampshire Trump supporter