REAL STORIES: Families Hurt By Republican-Driven Ruling To Overturn The ACA

Republicans have come as close as they’ve ever been to destroying the Affordable Care Act. Friday’s court ruling over a GOP lawsuit to overturn the ACA could take health care away from millions and put tens of millions more at risk of not being able to get the care they need.

Here are stories of families who are afraid and could be hurt from Friday’s court ruling:

“Well, I’m worried about our whole family, honestly. … Medical bankruptcies are a reality and they were a much bigger reality before the Affordable Care Act.” – California resident

“It puts the fear in me. We’ve worked so hard for Jacob to do as well as he is right now. The last thing I want us to do is to not get the health care he needs to maintain that quality of life. It’s scary for a parent.” – Georgia resident

“I’m very confused. And concerned. I have two of (the) pre-existing conditions that they like to talk about. … I don’t know what to think tonight. What is my future going to be?” – Houston teacher

“This can’t happen!… Without any type of government regulation or anything, I would be dead.” – Phoenix resident

A Georgia resident whose daughter has a pre-existing heart condition said the ACA ruling left him “absolutely terrified.”

A California resident whose son has a pre-existing condition asked after the ACA ruling, “How many times do we have to go through this?