Real Stories Of Americans Hurt By Rising Gas Prices Trump Said He’d Have ‘Power Over’

Trump and the Republican Party sold Americans out. While they gave massive tax breaks to the rich and big corporations, the extremely limited benefits they claimed the Trump tax law gave to working families have already been more than offset by soaring gas prices, which Trump said he would have “tremendous power over.”


Here are more real stories of Americans hurt by higher gas prices:


“With these gas prices getting so high it takes away from me doing other things that I need to take care of and stuff like that.” – Nevada driver



“It takes from your general resource pot, which means you have less to spend on your children, on your house, on travel, or fun — or for savings for that matter. It's just another burden.” – Kansas driver



Of course the gas pricing going up does affect the bottom line.”- New York small business owner



“I’m not going traveling as much as I used to so it’s definitely affecting me.” – New York driver