Real Stories Of Americans Sold Out By Trump And Republicans

Trump and the Republican Party sold Americans out.  While they gave massive tax breaks to the rich and big corporations, the extremely limited benefits they claimed the Republican tax law gave to working families have already been more than offset by soaring gas prices, which Trump said he would have “tremendous power over.”


Drivers can expect to pay at least $250 more on gas this summer, more than offsetting the $40 the Trump tax cut gave to low-income Americans.


CBS News: “The summer will be more expensive for drivers, adding an average of almost $70 per month to fill up the tank compared with last year. […] ‘Motorists can expect to spend at least $250 more on gas this season, but that won't stop them from traveling,’ said AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano in a statement.”


Here are real stories of Americans hurt by higher gas prices:


“If the gas keeps going up, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I’m going to start limiting where I’m going.” – New York driver



“I travel in the summer, we drive, you know, places, so it’s a consideration, of course.” – New York driver



“They're getting really expensive and it's kind of hard to do other things because gas is taking a lot of money out of my pocket.” – Alabama driver