REAL STORIES: Small Businesses Still Can’t Get Loans

Small businesses have suffered after Trump’s lopsided distribution of Paycheck Protection Program funds has left the majority of small businesses in the lurch. Take it from small businesses across the country:


I’m not hopeful anymore, I’m angry.

What goes through my heart is disappointment. What goes through my head is, I’m gullible, too good to be true, you know? There’s no such thing as free money kind of thing.”


We were afraid it would come to this. The money is just running out.” 

North Carolina:

These funds supposedly have been reserved for us. Why can’t we have them?” 

We have had to lay off half of our workers. You know, we wouldn’t have had to do that had we gotten the loan.” 


You shouldn’t be using your personal savings to save your business.


“I know there’s many people who are in the same boat as I am. We’re all just waiting.


‘The application said that we would have funding within three days, and that didn’t happen… I still haven’t seen a dime.


It’s been devastating. I’ve been up at night. You know there’s physical symptoms, it’s really emotional for me and not knowing where I’m going to get help, if I’m going to get help, just devastating for me to think that I may have to go back to zero.