REAL STORIES: Small Businesses Suffered From Botched PPP Rollout

Small businesses suffered from the Trump administration’s botched rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program – a process riddled with technical errors. Take it from small businesses across the country:


If I could not get mine through in four weeks, I’m pretty sure there’s millions of small businesses that are unable to speak with customer service or resolve any errors.

“Glitches on the site of the interlinks where we had to upload our documents for the PPP through Bank of America. We’re unable to get in touch with Bank of America to get any definitive answers.”


It’s ridiculous. You’re losing a lot of small businesses already and they’re going to lose more. The way it’s set up right now, there’s no way a lot of them will be able to survive.


“Once it was up, it continued to crash. We finally got the application through about three or four days before they said the money was already gone. And we obviously didn’t make the cut off. You hear about all of these huge businesses and big corporations that got money, and a lot of small business owners, like myself, we didn’t receive any money.” 


The process has been extenuating and frustrating.” 

“It hasn’t been good. … It’s not what you think it is. It’s not what I thought it was.”


One of the most frustrating things I’ve ever done in my life.”


“It’s just been frustrating. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get a little bit of help, you know, for a small business.