REAL STORIES: Taxpayers Frustrated After Having To Pay More Taxes: ‘It Stinks’

Trump promised taxpayers they would benefit because of his tax cuts, but now millions of Americans are receiving tax refunds that are less than they expected, and many are even paying more in taxes.


Here are real stories of American taxpayers who have been hurt by Trump’s broken promise:


Associated Press: “I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law”

“It stinks.” – Florida taxpayer


“I will never forget the moment, I thought ‘We look good’ and then we added in the next W-2 and my jaw hit the floor. There was no way I wanted to believe that what I was looking at was accurate.” – Oregon taxpayer

“When I did my taxes and saw that we weren’t getting a refund, I was so emotionally floored, I had nothing but shock go through my body.” – Texas taxpayer

“We were shocked. We’re totally shocked.” – New York couple

“I was expecting to get less of a refund or maybe owe a little bit. I did not expect to owe two months of take-home pay.” – Illinois taxpayer

“We were expecting to have to pay something. But we weren’t thinking it was going to be such a huge difference.” – Virginia taxpayer