REAL STORIES: Taxpayers Hurt By Trump’s Broken Promise That They’d Take Home More Money

Trump promised taxpayers they would take home more money because of his tax law. Now, millions of Americans across the country are receiving refunds that are less than they expected, and many are even having to pay more.

Here are real stories of American taxpayers who have been hurt by Trump’s broken promise:

“Refunds are less than what they expected, and in some cases, they’ll end up paying more taxes than they did last year.” – North Carolina accountant

“The standard deduction that was implemented to replace that hasn’t offset the loss in those other deductions…I really don’t think people are getting more money. Especially if you’re earning less than let’s say a quarter of a million dollars.” – Pennsylvania accountant

“I’m a little concerned. I’ve heard people who have two kids, in my situation, are married, have gotten a better tax return, and I’ve also heard some people wind up paying more taxes, so I’m kind of curious to see how it works out in my situation.” – Nebraska taxpayer

“Everybody that comes in here, they’re confused on these changes. They don’t understand them. We sit down and explain them to them, and then they wonder why their refund wasn’t as much as it was last year.” – Nebraska accountant

“I’m paying an extra $1,000 on taxes when I was told my taxes would go down…A $1,000 tax increase is not helpful at all. A lot of people are really going to be hurt.” – Utah teacher

“Things have changed. It’s not as easy and for some people there may be a tax increase…For a large family, or a family of eight, you’re talking a $30,000 decrease in deductions.” – Utah accountant