REAL STORIES: Trump Favors Corporations, Leaves Small Businesses Behind

Small businesses suffered after Trump allowed large corporations to take more than a billion dollars in Paycheck Protection Program funds meant for small businesses. Take it from small businesses across the country:


“He said he has watched in frustration as larger public companies get millions of dollars in loans. ‘When you see that, it’s like, ‘What the hell are they doing?’ They are sucking all the funds out that guys like me actually need.’”

Washington, DC:

“We’ve seen the stories about Shake Shack and the Lakers giving back money. This program was supposed to be targeted at small businesses and unfortunately, I think it’s exacerbating a lot of the disparities we already saw in funding.

New York: 

“They get their millions the next day, and this is a company that’s making [millions] a year. It was disappointing, because that’s not a small business. I thought the aim of the PPP is to help small businesses keep people working.

I lost it. How is it possible that Shake Shack and many other mega-chains got millions of dollars, and small restaurateurs like me, who collectively provide jobs for millions of people, were left with nothing?”

North Carolina:

“And I see, what that PPP program was meant for was small businesses like myself, that you know we’re, we’re a family owned company even though we race on a national platform were still small business and it’s been a little disheartening to see some of these bigger companies that have gotten it.” 


It’s frustrating because you see these large companies getting money. I get it, they’re hiring a lot of people, but you can’t factor out small businesses.”