REAL STORIES: Veterans Hurt By GI Bill Delays At Trump’s VA, Run By His Mar-A-Lago Cronies

Trump’s Department of Veterans Affairs is being steered by three of his Mar-a-Lago cronies with no relevant experience. Meanwhile, veterans have not been able to get the GI Bill payments they need and earned because of failures at Trump’s VA.

Veterans across the country are speaking out:

“I was a U.S. Navy corpsman, attached to 111, an artillery battalion with the Marines on the west coast. … I was supposed to get federal aid, FAFSA, that was supposed to come from the school, after the GI was to pay the school in full, and it was to come in the form of a refund check. I was planning on using that money to pay off some things, maybe save away, just in case something like this happened.” – Navy veteran

“This was definitely causing a lot of stress to a lot of different people. When you serve in the military, you don’t want to be thinking hey I am not going to be able to take care of my family.” – Army veteran

“They’re having to take second jobs. They’re nervous about making payments. The hardship they’ve gone through is just extraordinary.” – Middle Tennessee State Veterans and Military Family Center Director

“I told them I was going to fall behind on my mortgage. I was expecting to be paid by the VA, but since it wasn’t happening, I needed to get to work.” – Army veteran

“For weeks and months, people have been stressing out, and some haven’t known if they would eat. … I have one week left, and my tuition is still not paid.” – Iraq war veteran

“It was really bad because we didn’t have a nest egg and had to start borrowing from family, which is not good. … And when I called the VA, they didn’t have a time frame for when the money would start coming, so I had no way of knowing. Would it be another month? Two months?” – Army veteran