REAL STORIES: Voters Concerned About Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Costs

A new poll shows that the cost of health care, especially the price of prescription drugs, continues to be a top issue for voters. Despite Trump’s promises, prescription drugs costs continue to rise.

Americans across the country continue to struggle with the rising costs of prescription drugs:

“The cost of the insurances, the cost of your medication is going up. We just can’t do it anymore. It’s very sad that people have to like live from day to day.” – Pennsylvania resident

“Aurora’s epilepsy diagnosis, Lindsay said, has ‘made us appreciate every moment more.’ But the high costs of her medications have strained the family’s finances. Lindsay must always have a rescue medication—known as Diastat—on hand in case Aurora has a seizure that lasts longer than about three minutes, and that medication can cost her up to $560 for just two doses.”The Nation

“People are cutting their pills in half, they are going without food, they are being hospitalized, and they are even dying because they can’t afford prescription drugs. That happened to us and it’s happening all over the country.” – Mother of a 5-year-old with a life-threatening condition

“‘We are in a sense entering a two-tiered system because there are individuals who can make it happen and just write a check’ for a hefty drug copayment, says cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas in Edina, Minnesota. ‘Others are not able.’”Associated Press