REAL STORIES: Workers And Communities Hurt By Trump’s Broken Promises

Trump promised the massive tax cuts Republicans gave to the rich and big corporations would benefit workers, spur job growth and grow the economy. None of that happened. Instead, the Trump tax law led to more outsourcing, and workers at plants like GM have lost their jobs.


Hear from the workers who have lost their jobs and are hurting from Trump’s broken promises:


“President Trump … our area definitely needs help. You’re the president of the United States, you’re the CEO, please start holding these companies like General Motors and Harley-Davidson accountable for their actions.” – Recently laid-off GM worker


“Everybody works at GM, so without that, it’s gonna be really tough.” – GM Lordstown worker



“The core of this community is General Motors. We live here. Our house value is going to plummet. My daughter goes to school here in the community.” – GM Lordstown worker


“It affects everybody, not just GM. This is a trickle-down effect.” – Worker at a GM supplier



“We’re not happy, we’re sad. It’s just another big company that we’re losing in White Marsh, and it’s going to affect the community and we’re upset about it.” – Local small business owner

“That’s what everyone wants to do. They just want to work right now and get through this. Christmas is coming, they want to enjoy Christmas. This is a time where we should be lifted up.” – 22-year GM Lordstown worker

“We’re really scared how we’re going to be able to provide for our kids. Just being able to get them Christmas presents this year, I had to literally max out my credit cards. How are we going to get money?” – Recently laid-off GM Lordstown worker

“I’m mad. … I had a lot of business there. A lot of people need to work and make money for their kids. They’re asking me for a job. I wish I could hire them, but I have enough already.” – Business owner near GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant

“Trump is not willing to put his money where his mouth is. … Basically, since he’s been in office, it has been an assault on good-paying jobs. What he’s doing is not translating into anything good for middle-class America.” – 20-year GM Lordstown worker

“People are fed up and frustrated. … They don’t want to pick up their families and leave the area they’ve lived in their whole life. I think some people have just had enough.” – Recently laid-off GM Lordstown worker