REAL STORIES: Workers, Farmers, Business Owners ‘Really Disappointed’ In Trump

Trump promised that he’d fight for the forgotten men and women of this country and bring back manufacturing jobs, but he hasn’t.

It’s the same story across the country. Working families have not benefited from the economy, and they’re hurting from Trump’s broken promises.

“I’ve got more anxiety every day now than I’ve ever had in my entire farming career, and I don’t get too worked up about anything too often.” – Ohio farmer

“It’s absolutely a frustrating situation.” – California small business owner

“It’s going to be a tough year, there are no two ways about it.” – Minnesota farmer

“This is business, and they have to realize that what they’re doing to businesses across the United States and not just in Iowa is hurting everybody.” – Iowa farmer

“Trump has really disappointed the State of Indiana and the City of Peru. He needs to come down here to see what’s going on.” – Indiana manufacturer

“There’s more uncertainty, not less uncertainty. It’s not a good economy at all.” – Wisconsin manufacturer