REMINDER: 2024 Republicans Keep Embracing Election Deniers

The 2024 GOP field has an election denialism problem it can’t shy away from. From campaigning for election deniers throughout the 2022 cycle to having election deniers rush to support and endorse their 2024 presidential runs, MAGA Republicans like Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and Donald Trump are eager to keep 2020 election deniers close.

Lest we forget, Mike Pence spent last fall campaigning alongside election-denying candidates who supported overturning the results of the 2020 election.

Washington Post: “Pence has said Trump was ‘wrong’ to pressure him to reject the electoral college votes… But as Pence has begun laying the groundwork to run in 2024, he isn’t seeking to make opposing Trump core to his political brand. Last week, Pence appeared in Phoenix to endorse Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona… Pence also led a fundraiser for Burt Jones, the Republican nominee for Georgia’s lieutenant governor who was part of the effort… to submit phony electors claiming Trump won the state in 2020.”

In the race for the MAGA base, Mike Pence is hardly the only 2024 Republican who’s embraced election deniers. The GOP 2024 primary field and prospective candidates have all unabashedly supported election deniers. 

POLITICO: “When Donald Trump plunged into the 2024 presidential race last week at his Mar-a-Lago club, he was surrounded by sidekicks, superfans and self-described sycophants. Among them was another subset of Trump world figures who look poised to help form the coalition behind his third presidential bid: those sympathetic to or even a part of the riot on the Capitol on January 6.”

12 News: “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rallies support around Lake, Masters in Arizona”

Fox: “Ralph Norman is the first South Carolina lawmaker to publicly back Haley’s bid for presidency. His support comes despite former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of his re-election the 2022 midterm elections and also after Norman did not vote to certify the 2020 election, in a nod to his loyalty to Trump.”

Washington Post: “… Nikki Haley swore off campaigning for Republicans who repeat ex-president Donald Trump’s lies that the 2020 election was stolen… In fact, both before and after that interview, she has endorsed and campaigned with a slate of Senate candidates who reject or question the 2020 election results as she positions herself as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. Haley appeared at a rally Tuesday with Don Bolduc of New Hampshire… She also campaigned with Adam Laxalt of Nevada…”

CNN: “Glenn Youngkin defends support of election denier Kari Lake in Arizona”

CNN:“Pompeo refuses to acknowledge Biden has won election, sparking furor and ‘disgust’ among diplomats”