REMINDER: 94% of House Republicans Voted AGAINST Funding to Fix Our Bridges

We here at the DNC War Room are old enough to remember when President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed two months ago, and we also remember that 94% of House Republicans voted AGAINST it. Not only did they vote against critical funding for broadband, clean water, roads, and transit, but they also voted against the more than $27 billion President Biden just announced to help local communities repair and replace thousands of bridges in desperate need. 

Today, President Biden announced a new program that will invest nearly $27 billion from his Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to help states and tribes fix thousands of bridges across the country. 

Associated Press: “Biden administration launches program to fix 15,000 bridges”

ABC News: “President Joe Biden will announce a nearly $27 billion investment Friday to fund repairs and replace bridges in need.”

CNN: “The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration is launching the Bridge Formula Program, which will provide $26.5 billion to states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico over the next five years, as well as $825 million for tribal bridges, according to a senior administration official.”

Washington Post: “The administration said the funding represents the biggest federal investment in bridges since the creation of the interstate system.”

But the overwhelming majority – 94% – of House Republicans voted AGAINST this funding, which will fix bridges in their own states and districts. 

HuffPost: “Only 13 House Republicans voted for the bill, which includes funding for roads, bridges, highways, railways and ports.”

USA Today: “House GOP members who voted for infrastructure bill face backlash from Republican colleagues”

Insider: “GOP lawmakers want to punish the 13 Republicans who voted for Biden’s infrastructure bill by kicking them off congressional committees, report says”