REMINDER: A Majority of GOP Senators Tried to Block Health Care for Veterans

As President Joe Biden signs the historic PACT Act into law today, let’s not forget that the majority of GOP senators initially tried to kill this bill and voted to side with Big Pharma over our nation’s veterans.  

Last month, 41 Senate Republicans voted against advancing the PACT Act — a bill that would expand health care access for combat veterans suffering from toxic burn pit exposure. 

The Hill: “Republican lawmakers blocked passage of a bill in the U.S. Senate Wednesday that expands healthcare coverage for military veterans who were exposed to toxins and burn pits during their service.”

The majority of GOP lawmakers previously supported the legislation, only to pull their votes after Democrats struck a deal to bring down costs for American families. Republicans were willing to risk our veterans’ health for the sake of their own selfish political games. 

POLITICO: “Mere hours after Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin announced a climate and tax deal, the Senate failed to advance burn pits legislation to help veterans.”

And if that weren’t enough, GOP lawmakers celebrated their decision to block health care from veterans.

Newsweek: “Video shows two Republican senators fist bump after they blocked a bill to support veterans after they are exposed to chemical weapons.”

Republicans have repeatedly made clear that choosing Big Pharma over Americans is the GOP party line. Senate Republicans owe our veterans — and the American people — some serious answers.