REMINDER: Chris Christie Is a Longtime Champion of Trump’s Extreme MAGA Agenda

When Chris Christie dropped out of the 2016 presidential race, he offered Trump his glowing endorsement and has supported his extreme MAGA agenda ever since — he was tapped early on to lead Trump’s transition team, headed the administration’s opioid commission, and ultimately gave Trump’s presidency an “A” grade. 

Christie made headlines as the first sitting governor to endorse Trump for president in 2016 and became loyal to his campaign — and was even called a “powerful figure” in the Trump campaign who aligned himself  “entirely with Mr. Trump’s candidacy.”

CNN: “Christie was the first sitting governor to endorse Trump back in February, less than a month after ending his own presidential campaign.”

“Christie has had a visible presence in the Trump campaign in the past few months. He stood behind Trump during the presumptive nominee’s election night news conference nearly two weeks ago, and Christie traveled to Indiana last month with Trump to attend political meetings, including a meeting with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.”

New York Times: “Chris Christie Becomes Powerful Figure in Donald Trump Campaign”

“Four months after endorsing Mr. Trump, Mr. Christie remains one of the few major figures in the Republican establishment to align himself entirely with Mr. Trump’s candidacy. In public, he has defended Mr. Trump’s freewheeling and sometimes offensive pronouncements, vouching for him even after Mr. Trump attacked a federal judge for his Mexican heritage. (Mr. Christie said he knew from personal experience that Mr. Trump was not a racist.)”

Trump tapped Christie to lead his transition team early on and praised him for his loyalty. 

CNN: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will serve as the chairman for Donald Trump’s transition team should the billionaire businessman win the presidential election this fall.
‘Gov. Christie is an extremely knowledgeable and loyal person with the tools and resources to put together an unparalleled Transition Team, one that will be prepared to take over the White House when we win in November,’ Trump said in a statement announcing the decision.”

Christie then took on a leadership role on the Trump administration’s opioid commission, and after neglecting his responsibilities, he used his position to cash out with Big Pharma. 

The Intercept: “Thousands Died in Opioid Crisis While Trump Commission Stalled on Delivering Crucial Report”

Politico: “Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a lucrative consulting contract with a pharmaceutical company less than a year after President Donald Trump’s bipartisan commission on opioids and addiction, which Christie chaired, recommended policy changes the drugmaker sought.”

By the end of Trump’s disastrous presidency, Christie still gave Trump’s time in office an “A” rating. 

Mediaite: “Sean Hannity asked the former New Jersey governor what grade he would give Trump’s presidency.

‘Overall I give the president an A,’ Christie said.”