REMINDER: DeSantis Took Credit For Law Enforcement Bonuses From ARP Funds He Opposed

Despite Ron DeSantis calling President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan “Washington at its worst,” DeSantis took credit for the funding it provided to hand out bonuses to law enforcement in Florida. But the truth is: If DeSantis had his way, Florida wouldn’t have had these resources to deliver for law enforcement and first responders.

DeSantis criticized President Biden’s American Rescue Plan time and time again, even calling it “Washington at its worst.” 

Tallahassee Democrat: “DeSantis also said of the American Rescue Plan, ‘… It’s Washington at its worst.’”

Rolling Stone: “DeSantis Brags About Florida Budget That Includes Billions in Federal Funds He Opposed”

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, though, DeSantis has made a production of taking credit for the funding he criticized. 

The Palm Beach Post: “The federal dollars that will fund the bonuses came courtesy of the Biden administration and congressional Democrats – and were steadfastly opposed by Capitol Hill Republicans.”

Tallahassee Democrat: “In addition, the $1,000 bonuses spread among teachers, law enforcement and first responders that the governor wants lawmakers to approve is financed with the federal aid.