REMINDER: Donald Trump and 2024 Republicans Want to Rip Away Americans’ Health Care Despite Record Number of Affordable Care Act Enrollees 

In response to record-breaking Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers, DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement: 

“Today, thanks to President Biden’s leadership, a record 19 million Americans are signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. While 2024 Republicans continue to double down on their promise to rip away health care and overturn former President Obama’s signature achievement, President Biden and Democrats are committed to ensuring families can afford the care they need across the country. Next year, the choice in this election will be on full display between the extreme GOP, who are hellbent on taking away health care and kicking millions of young people off their parents’ insurance, and President Biden, who is delivering on his promise to make health care coverage affordable and accessible for hardworking American families.”

Under President Biden’s leadership, a record number of Americans are enrolling in health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act marketplaces — shattering records to the tune of over 7 million people since he took office. 

Statement from President Biden: “With nearly a month left in open enrollment, more than 19 million people have signed up for coverage, breaking all previous records.”

Kyle Griffin, NBC News: “According to President Biden, with nearly a month left in Obamacare open enrollment, more than 19 million people have signed up for coverage — breaking all previous records. Enrollment has grown by more than 7 million people since Biden took office.”

Donald Trump and the entire 2024 Republican field continue to rail against the ACA — advocating to rip away health care from millions of Americans.

The Messenger: “Former President Donald Trump said he is ‘seriously looking at alternatives’ to Obamacare in a new post on his social media platform Truth Social. He also called it a ‘low point for the Republican Party’ that lawmakers failed to ‘terminate’ the health insurance program established by the Affordable Care Act. According to the latest figures this year, more than 40 million Americans rely on the program for those who can’t afford private plans.”

Nikki Haley has her own shameful record of wanting to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. 

Jack Heath: “They’re going ahead and saying you would repeal the Affordable Care Act, would you?”

Haley: “It’s not about one small policy of, you know, Affordable Care Act. It’s about fixing the entire health care system.”

Ron DeSantis has threatened to “do a lot more” than just repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

Justin Dougherty, Fox Carolina: “The conversation about the Affordable Care Act — repealing and replacing it — has come up once again. Republicans failed to repeal it or replace it in 2017. If Republicans get control of Washington, [with] you in the White House, what’s your plan to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act?”

DeSantis: “Well, look, that was a big failure. Obviously, under the Trump administration, that was a core promise — it didn’t happen. You know, what we’re gonna do is we have this massive health care bureaucracy: pharmaceutical, government, insurance, all this stuff. It’s a total mess. We’re gonna have a comprehensive plan to lower people’s costs, and yes Obamacare hasn’t done it, so we’ll transcend Obamacare, but I think you got to do a lot more than just that.”

Vivek Ramaswamy called the Affordable Care Act a “disaster” despite all it’s done to provide affordable coverage for millions of Americans. 

Ramaswamy: “I think Obamacare has been a disaster.”

Chris Christie continues to rail against the Affordable Care Act and has even called Donald Trump out for being unable to repeal it. 

Christie: “It’s about delivering on issues that voters care about. So the fact is that they care deeply about Obamacare. And Donald Trump promised them he’d repeal and replace it. He had a Republican Congress. He didn’t do it.”

MAGA Mike Johnson has pushed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would rip away coverage from millions, and also voted against the historic Inflation Reduction Act, which is lowering health care costs and prescription drug prices for millions of Americans. 

Press Release, Office of Congressman Mike Johnson: “U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson joined 11 other freshman members of Congress in a letter published Tuesday by Fox News urging the U.S. Senate to act on repealing the Affordable Care Act.”

The Hill: “As chair of the conservative Republican Study Commission, he has backed health care proposals that the GOP has espoused for years, including a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.”

Daily Beast: “Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), a member of House GOP leadership, said ‘I assume’ Republicans would move to repeal [the Inflation Reduction Act], but indicated it was still early.”

Millions of Americans with preexisting conditions could lose critical protections if MAGA Republicans get their way and repeal the ACA — opening the door for insurance companies to deny them coverage or charge more.

Spectrum News: “The ACA protects more than 100 million people with preexisting conditions from being denied care, plus it requires insurance plans to cover things like preventive care and limit out-of-pocket costs.”

KFF Poll: “Majorities of Democrats , Republicans , and independents say it is ‘very important’ to continue each of [the Affordable Care Act’s] protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

MAGA Republicans’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act is highly unpopular and would be devastating for the millions of Americans whose lives depend on it. 

Jon Favreau: “If Trump wins, 40 million people could lose their health care, and insurance companies would get to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. If Biden wins, that…won’t happen.”

KFF Poll: 64% believe it is “very important” insurance companies continue to be prohibited from charging sick people more – including 55% of Republicans. 

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll: “Thirteen years after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, more than eight in ten Americans (83%) either agree or strongly agree that all Americans have a basic right to healthcare coverage.”

Bryan Bennett: “Per our October @NavigatorSurvey research, repealing the ACA (and January 6) remain the top concerns about Trump’s first term as president”

Washington Post: “But what’s clear is that an effort to ‘terminate’ Obamacare is not something Americans are pining for. Not only were the GOP’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare during Trump’s term historically unpopular, but the law also appears to have gotten more popular since then. … And when politicians talk of ending health insurance for tens of millions of Americans, dropping coverage of preexisting conditions and cutting Obamacare’s Medicaid funding, things get even dicier.”