REMINDER: Every Single House Republican Voted Against Efforts to Lower Gas Prices

As Big Oil rakes in record profits on the backs of struggling Americans, let’s not forget that every single House Republican voted against legislation to crack down on gas price gouging. While Democrats remain laser-focused on bringing down costs for families, Republicans in Congress have repeatedly failed to deliver for the American people.

CBS News: “The House of Representatives passed a bill along party lines that seeks to lower gas prices by cracking down on alleged price gouging by energy companies. The House vote was 217-207: no Republican supported the bill.”

This comes as a majority of House Republicans — 187 to be exact — voted to hold American jobs hostage because they are angry that Democrats are actually working to lower prescription drug costs. That’s right: 187 MAGA Republicans opposed a bipartisan bill that would bring thousands of manufacturing jobs back home and lower costs because they are so beholden to China and Big Pharma. 

The GOP has made clear that they are all talk, no action: While President Biden and the Democrats take real steps to bring down prices and tackle inflation, Republicans have voted against lowering costs at every turn.