REMINDER: Every Single Republican in Congress Voted Against Protecting Pensions for Workers and Retirees

As President Biden announces a new American Rescue Plan rule in Ohio today that will protect millions of Americans’ pensions who could otherwise have seen substantial cuts to their benefits – every single Republican in Congress voted against the fix. 

Every single Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan, which will keep pension plans solvent for millions of workers and retirees:

Vox: “Republicans shamelessly take credit for Covid relief they voted against” 

ABC News: “Republicans promote pandemic relief they voted against”

White House: “Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, every multiemployer pension plan that faced near-term insolvency and benefit cuts that receives Special Financial Assistance is projected to remain solvent through 2051, and for much longer.”

NBC News: “Under the final rule for the program, 2 to 3 million workers and retirees who faced pension cuts because of investment losses will get the benefits they were set to receive for their retirement, a White House official said.”

And just a reminder: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine hypocritically tried to take credit for funding provided by the American Rescue Plan even though he made it clear he would have voted AGAINST it:

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Gov. Mike DeWine says he wouldn’t have voted for federal coronavirus stimulus package”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Gov. Mike DeWine, Ohio Republicans tout spending from Democrats’ federal coronavirus aid law opposed by GOP”