Reminder for House Republicans: Biden’s Bipartisan Economic Agenda Is Wildly Popular

After the Republican Study Committee in the House made the baffling decision to advise its caucus to attack a bipartisan bill that will make massive investments in our nation’s infrastructure, we wanted to remind House Republicans how popular President Biden’s economic plan is with the American people and in battleground districts. Republicans can spend their August recess explaining to their voters why they’re hellbent on trying to block a bipartisan, popular plan to rebuild our roads and bridges, expand rural broadband, deliver clean drinking water, and so much more.

Navigator: Biden’s economic plan has strong support across key demographics and battlegrounds

  • President Biden’s economic plan starts with strong support across key demographics. As reported last week, overall support nationally for the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package starts at a net +10 level of support nationally before even introducing how the plan will be paid for (54 percent support – 44 percent opposed). Particularly strong levels of support come from Black Americans (87 percent), Americans under the age of 30 (70 percent), Hispanic Americans (64 percent), mothers (59 percent), and those with household incomes under $50,000 a year (58 percent).
  • The introduction of proposals to tax the wealthy and corporations to pay for the plan either increase support or hold steady among these demographics, with net support improving to 89 percent among Black Americans, 73 percent among those under 30 years old, 65 percent among mothers, 64 percent among lower-income households, and remaining stable at 64 percent among Hispanic Americans. This is also consistent with other slight upticks in the various battlegrounds (from 53 percent support to 57 percent in New Hampshire) and holding steady with majority support in others (from 52 percent support to 53 percent in Wisconsin, and from 52 percent support to 51 percent in the Republican Congressional District battleground).